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We manufacture quality plywood mainly from plantation timber species in Indonesia. We offer a range of plywood in a variety of grades and core options, glue type and dimensions.


  • Cross Laminated Veneers

Timber Species

  • Albasia Falcata

  • Jabon 

  • Mix Light Plantation Hardwood (MLH)

Core Veneer Options

  • Full Albasia core

  • Full Jabon core

  • Combination of Albasia and Jabon core


  • 5 mm - 25 mm​

Size Dimensions

  • Width   : Up to 1232 mm

  • Length : Up to 2500 mm 

Face/Back Veneers

  • Long grain 

  • Short grain

Glue Type

  • E1 Emissions

  • E0 Emissions (CARB 2/ US EPA TSCA TITLE VI Standards)

  • Phenolic Glue

  • Weather and Boil Proof (WBP)


  • Furniture

  • Interior

  • Decorative

  • Lamination

  • Flooring

  • Construction/Exterior

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