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Customized Product Solution

As we develop our business, we grow an understanding of how the timber behaves in terms of panel production. The combination of our  product knowledge and market experience enable us to offer wood panel solution suited to your specific needs.  In Hasil Albizia Nusantara, we work together with customers to identify important criteria such as durability, surface finish requirements, weight issues, in order to deliver products tailored to final product applications.

Fast Response and Active Communication

We believe clear and active communication is essential to deliver on-time and accurate product solution to customers.


Sustainable Supply Chain

We understand that consistent raw material availability is paramount to timber industry. Our mill is located in the middle of the main Albasia and Jabon plantation region, giving us easy access to raw material. We distribute over ten thousand seedlings to farmer cooperatives in the region every month, and monitor their plantation program to do our part in making sure the long term sustainability of the timber supply chain.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Achieving environmental goals can actually fulfill economic interest at the same time. Efficient logistic and vendor selection reduce both energy and production cost.

Seedling Distribute.jpg

Customer knowledge-base

We build our product knowledge through constructive and valuable feedback and input from customers.


Keeping up with the market

Our company actively participates in trade shows and industry-related events to follow the latest trend and development.


Commitment to Quality

Making sure we deliver the quality our customer expects consistently.

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